Does your air conditioning unit need repairs or servicing? Or is it not generating the energy savings you expected? Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can work with you to optimise your system and reduce your carbon footprint.
Air Conditioning Installations

How air conditioning systems work

Air conditioning systems are increasingly popular in commercial businesses and are almost fitted as standard in new commercial developments. They are also common in domestic homes and residential complexes. Air conditioning works using the principle of heat transfer to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature inside a building. A system will remove warm, stale air from inside a building and pump it outside, and using refrigerant gases it will cool air that is drawn from outside a building and re-circulate it inside to moderate the temperature and humidity. Air conditioning will also deliver health benefits by improving the air quality and using filters to remove particles, allergens and dust.

How hard an air conditioning system needs to work – and therefore how much energy it consumes – depends on the ambient temperature and how cool or warm you want a room to be. At Go Greener Energy Services, our engineers can work with you to develop your understanding of the system and what can affect its operation, and we can also study and assess the system to ensure it is optimised to run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for your air conditioning system

At Go Greener Energy Services we can work with all types of air conditioning systems, such as portable, wall-mounted and split systems. We can identify where energy is being wasted, causing the system to over-work, such as poor insulation or open doors and windows influencing the ambient temperature unnecessarily. And we can react fast to breakdown situations to ensure your system is operating to provide a safe and comfortable home or workplace.

At Go Greener Energy Services we can:

  • Carry out new installations
  • Carry out replacement systems
  • Carry out breakdown repairs
  • Carry out periodical servicing
  • Undertake assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Advise on Grants and incentives to help with funding

Our team of professional engineers are ready and available to work with you to optimise your

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