Are you able to utilise your loft space as a habitable area? Then you will need suitable insulation from Go Greener Energy Services. Room in roof insulation is one of the most effective insulation solutions, because it helps to keep loft spaces warm and ensures you are able to make an efficient use of the home by maximising your available space, so contact Go Greener Energy Services today.

Making the most of your home with room in roof insulation

If you have a loft conversion to make a new bedroom or maybe a home office, it is a great way to make use of otherwise dead space and is a practical and effective home improvement. But around 25% of heat loss is through the roof, so it is essential that you have your roof properly insulated when you do this.

Room in roof insulation is usually created by adapting a stud wall construction when converting the loft space and using vertical walls and also the sloping wall of the roof itself. Insulating materials can be installed in these stud wall spaces and these are then plaster-boarded in to conceal the insulation. These rooms are now usable and comfortable, because the insulation provides a thermal barrier between the inside and the external roof space.

How Go Greener Energy Services can help with your loft conversion

Converting a loft space can deliver huge lifestyle improvements, but insulation is a major factor, otherwise a loft space will be cold and unpleasant. Insulating the loft space may also help to protect water tanks and pipework that may still be stored in the loft space, meaning water systems are generally warmer and require less energy to heat.

At Go Greener Energy Services we will undertake a thorough survey of your home to assess your insulation needs and identify the most effective insulation solutions. If you are planning to convert your loft into a habitable space then we can advise on suitable insulating materials and design and install a cost-effective and practical solution. We can also advise on Government funding to help towards the cost of insulation, so contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services today.

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