Does your home or business have an air source heat pump which either needs a repair, isn’t operating efficiently or isn’t producing the energy savings you expect? Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can help you with your low carbon goals.

What is an air source heat pump?

Vaillant Air Source Heat Pump InstallersHeat pumps are a low-carbon alternative to gas central heating for providing heating and hot water. They work in a similar way to air conditioning by transferring air between the outside and the inside of a building and heating/cooling accordingly to provide the required climate conditions.

An air source heat pump works differently to a ground source heat pump, in that it absorbs heat from the outside air, and increases/decreases the temperature using a compressor and refrigerant. Air source heat pumps are located outside a building, and there are generally two types, an air to water heat pump (which produces hot air and hot water) and an air to air heat pump (which only generates hot air).

Air Source Heat Pumps from Go Greener Energy Services

How Go Greener Energy Services works with air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps operate on efficient electricity and can still produce heat even when the outside temperature is cold. And even in these conditions they should generate more energy than they actually use, hence they save you money on your energy bills as well as reducing your carbon emissions. But if you are not seeing these savings and reductions there could be something wrong with your system.

At Go Greener Energy Services we can assess the design and installation of your existing system and:

  • Carry out new installations
  • Carry out replacement systems
  • Carry out breakdown repairs
  • Carry out periodical servicing
  • Undertake assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Advise on Grants and incentives to help with funding

Contact Go Greener Energy Services today

Our experience across many different industry sectors means we have specialist knowledge on all type of renewable energy sources. So we can provide expert help on your air source heat pumps to ensure you are getting the results you need for a sustainable future, and to save critical energy costs.

So contact our team and we can help you improve your green credentials today.

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