Do you want to make a key contribution on the road to nett zero and have ambitions to work in one of the world’s most exciting and rapidly developing industry sectors? Go Greener Energy Services are recruiting and we want to make you part of our team, so get in touch with our team today.

Careers in the renewables sector

There is huge investment taking place in the renewable energy sector and there is a wealth of opportunities to do good things. Go Greener Energy Services are leading the fight against climate change and you can be at the forefront with us. No other industry sector is currently enjoying such a hunger for technological development, and at Go Greener Energy Services we are helping everyday people – in homes and businesses – embrace this technology so they can run it efficiently, reduce their energy consumption and save money on their utility bills.

When you are working with Go Greener Energy Services you will be:

  • Fully trained and given the opportunity to earn industry accreditations
  • Joining a team of experienced and skilled professionals
  • Given the opportunity to work anywhere in the UK
  • At the forefront of an exciting and rewarding industry sector
  • Joining a fast-growing organisation doing amazing things in the renewables sector
  • Able to enjoy a raft of employee benefits

Working for Go Greener Energy Services

Our team of engineers have the task of reducing energy consumption for our clients, through various different renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, solar PV panels, air conditioning and EV chargers. We also work with customers to operate traditional gas boilers more efficiently to save energy costs. Our aim is to reduce the carbon emissions of our clients and make a positive impact on global climate change, and you can play a major part in helping us do that.

At Go Greener Energy Services we need our engineers to be:

  • Alert and responsive
  • Diligent and professional
  • Technically proficient and able to learn new skills fast
  • Thorough, committed and resilient

We need to find solutions for our clients to make sure they are achieving the energy savings they expect. This might be in a breakdown situation, through preventive maintenance or by assessing their systems and identifying improvement opportunities. In order to the do this you need to be at the top of your game, but we are confident that working with Go Greener Energy Services, you can achieve this.

So does that sound good to you? Contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services and we can talk about the latest recruitment opportunities.

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