Solar PV systems should be designed to suit the needs of your home or business. If the systems are too large or too small, or not located or positioned correctly, you might not be getting the energy benefits you have invested in. And if the system is poorly installed or includes inferior quality parts, the system may breakdown and the results you want in terms of energy saved might not be enough to justify your investment. If this is the case, get in touch with GoGreen Energy today and we can carry out servicing and repairs to ensure you get the green results you are wanting.

What is a solar PV system?

PV is short for photovoltaics, which is the technology used by solar panels to convert the sun’s radiation into solar energy and usable electricity. There are different ways of doing this, but essentially, with solar panels it is important that a design and installation suits the building it is located on in order to deliver the electricity you need.

All solar PV systems are costed based on the return on investment expected. So this is roughly how many years it will take for the electricity savings you enjoy to exceed the initial investment. There are many factors that can affect how much electricity is produced by solar PV systems, but if you are not seeing the results you need when you monitor the system outputs, get in touch with Go Greener Energy Services and we can help you find out why.

Solar PV Systems from Go Greener Energy Services

How Go Greener Energy Services work

Our goal is to help you with a green and sustainable future. So we will partner with you to make sure you are seeing the energy savings and carbon reductions you need. We can help you with:

At Go Greener Energy Services we can:

  • Carry out new installations
  • Carry out replacement systems
  • Carry out breakdown repairs
  • Carry out periodical servicing
  • Undertake assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Advise on Grants and incentives to help with funding

So contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services today and we can establish what type of solar PV system you have, and help you improve your green credentials, self-generate the electricity your property needs and get the very best returns on your investment.

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