Do you have a flat roof in your home that needs insulating? Maybe you have an extension, a garage or an outbuilding that you use frequently? Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can help insulate your flat roof as one of our effective insulation solutions.

The importance of flat roof insulation

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is crucial in terms of maintaining warmth, reducing your energy consumption and improving your carbon impact. Around 25% of heat loss in the home is through the roof, and most flat roofs are installed without insulation, so installing flat roof insulation will provide a thermal barrier which reduces heat loss and allows warm air to circulate more efficiently. Flat roofs are particular effective for this because warm air doesn’t get trapped in a roof void or the apex of a pitched roof and will circulate more freely back into a room if it doesn’t escape through an un-insulated roof.

Adding insulation to your flat roof will create a more energy efficient property, and will also act to protect your flat roof. Insulation helps to reinforce the roof structure which could potentially extend its lifespan, saving you further money in the future.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for flat roof insulation

If you contact Go Greener Energy Services today we can carry out a full survey assessment of your home to establish the most effective form of insulation. If you have a flat roof building in your home we can design and install flat roof insulation which will:

  • Keep warmth in your home
  • Reduce your energy usage
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Improve your climate impact

We can also help with the process of securing Government funding for insulation, in the form of the Great British Insulation Scheme, which could save you up to £1500 towards the cost of your home insulation.

Let us help you minimise the heat loss in your home and contact Go Greener Energy Services for flat roof insulation today.

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