Does your business have solar panels installed which are not working or generating the electricity savings you need? Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can help you maximise the output of your solar panels so you can enjoy huge potential energy savings.

Solar PV panels for commercial businesses

Every commercial organisation has a goal of reducing costs and promoting a sustainable culture. Energy costs can be a huge burden for a business, but utilities are critical to all organisations and in some commercial and industrial sectors there are heavy demands on electricity usage. This means that the significant investment made in solar PV panels needs to show a consistent and reliable return, while an effective and efficient solar PV system is also important in terms of environmental compliance and meeting sustainability targets.Commercial Solar Systems

How solar PV systems work in commercial businesses

PV (photovoltaic) systems use cells to absorb the sun’s radiation. This is converted into solar energy and usable electricity. In a commercial business, large premises have significant scope for installing a series of solar panels in parallel, on the roofs of commercial premises and in large surrounding grounds. These are all linked together with the task of generating sufficient electricity to meet the needs of the business, which can include everyday lighting and power needs, but also computer networks, equipment and machinery, battery storage for 24/7 usage and even EV chargers in the car park. The system should have initially been designed and installed to meet these needs, but in reality, you might not always see the energy savings you expect.

At Go Greener Energy Services we can:

  • Carry out new installations
  • Carry out replacement systems
  • Carry out breakdown repairs
  • Carry out periodical servicing
  • Undertake assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Advise on Grants and incentives to help with funding

Contact Go Greener Energy Services today

At Go Greener Energy Services we are specialists in renewable energy sources, and our expert knowledge extends to working with businesses in many different industry sectors. We can assess and monitor your solar PV system, react to breakdowns and carry out servicing and preventive maintenance to ensure your business is seeing the returns it needs from this major investment. So contact Go Greener Energy Services today.

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