Do you have an electric storage heater that is not working or is not providing the energy savings you expected? There may be an operational problem that is contributing to this performance issue, so contact the renewable energy source experts – Go Greener Energy Services – and we can work with you to improve your low-carbon performance.

What is an electric storage heater?

An electric storage heater is a simple and effective heating source and a low carbon alternative to gas central heating. It uses the high heat retention (HHR) principle of storing cheap electricity that is generated overnight to heat your property during the day. An electric storage heater is a much simpler design compared to different types of boiler, and hence is cheaper to install and is typically longer-lasting.

It is still possible to encounter electrical or operational problems with an electric storage heater, however, and there are factors you need to consider which can affect their performance and what energy savings you can generate. Electric storage heaters are slim in design, which makes them aesthetically appealing and also flexible in terms of where they can be located, but this can sometimes compromise their performance. Working with Go Greener Energy Services, we can help you optimise the performance of your electric storage heaters to generate the energy savings you need.

How Go Greener Energy Services can help you with your electric storage heaters

At Go Greener Energy Services we have many years’ experience in working with different types of renewable energy source, including electric storage heaters. While electric storage heaters run on mains electricity and there are much fewer moving parts compared to traditional boilers, there are still occasional breakdowns and maintenance issues. So you need to partner with the experts to optimise the performance of your system and guarantee the heating and hot water services you need.

At Go Greener Energy Services we can:

  • Carry out new installations
  • Carry out replacement systems
  • Carry out breakdown repairs
  • Carry out periodical servicing
  • Undertake assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Advise on Grants and incentives to help with funding

So contact our team today and we can agree a programme to react to your breakdowns, repairs and servicing and start to generate the energy savings you need and expect from your system.

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