Do you have EV chargers at your home or business that encounter operational issues, or need regular servicing? Contact Go Greener Energy Services – the renewable energy source experts – and we can help you keep your systems running to meet your environmental targets.

The importance of EV chargers

The transition to electric vehicle (EV) driving is well underway and unstoppable, and the investment in public and private infrastructure is making this much easier. Fast and ultra-fast charging stations are now commonplace in public car parks, roadsides, service stations and workplaces, while home charging stations are also increasingly common. Finding a cost-effective and convenient charging source is essential in managing the transition to EV motoring, and Go Greener Energy Services can help you navigate this change with reliable and effective repairs and maintenance of your charging stations.

EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) effectively covers the charger and associated cabling and adaptors needed to charge an EV battery, and this is an electrical installation which, like any other, requires regular inspection, testing and maintenance for safety purposes, and is also subject to occasional operational issues. EVSE is covered by relevant legislation and Go Greener Energy Services have expert knowledge and understanding of these requirements.

EV Chargers

Let Go Greener Energy Services look after your EV chargers

At Go Greener Energy Services we have knowledge and expertise of the testing and inspection requirements of EV chargers, as well as the ability to react to breakdowns and operational issues. You need your dedicated EV charger to be fast and reliable and partnering with Go Greener Energy Services can make that a reality.

Our team of EV charger engineers can be available to provide:

  • Advice on the right EV charger for your circumstances
  • A wide variety of EV chargers installed
  • Breakdown repairs of your EV charger
  • Periodic inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Assessments to establish if you are generating optimum performance from your EV charger in terms of energy efficiency
  • Advice on Grants and incentives to help with funding

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for your EV charger installations, repairs and servicing

It is inevitable that over the next few years petrol and diesel vehicles will slowly disappear from our roads, so EV driving is a lifestyle necessity and so too is having a dedicated, reliable and cost-effective charging source.

Go Greener Energy Services can be your go-to resource to ensure your EV charger is always available and operational, is compliant with regulatory requirements and is helping you with zero emission driving and reducing your carbon footprint. So contact Go Greener Energy Services today.

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