If your home was built within the last 100 years and you don’t have cavity wall insulation, you may be able to have it installed and benefit from one of the most popular types of home insulation solution.

Why cavity wall insulation is so common

Before the 1920s UK homes were mainly built with solid external walls, but since this time construction techniques have developed and homes are mainly now built with cavity walls. This means there is a gap between the external brick walls and the internal walls. This allows for electrical wiring and pipework to be installed, but also means you can fit different types of cavity wall insulation.

Cavity wall insulation provides a thermal barrier between the external and internal walls, which helps to prevent heat loss in winter, and in the summer it has the opposite effect, ie. it keeps cool air inside and prevents hot air getting into the house. This means you have a moderated temperature all year round, which reduces the strain on your heating system, thus reducing energy usage, energy bills and your climate impact.

Our cavity wall insulation services

At Go Greener Energy Services, we are committed to finding cost-effective energy solutions, and the installation of cavity wall insulation is a method of preventing thermal heat loss over the long term. We will carry out a full survey assessment of your home and establish the most effective ways to insulate and whether cavity wall insulation is possible.

Our specialist design and installation team can work with you to identify the insulation solutions that cause least disruption and provide the best practical benefits. This is often found to be cavity wall insulation, as a passive means of keeping your home warm and reducing your energy consumption.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for your cavity wall insulation

At Go Greener Energy Services we can work with you to find the best insulation solutions and can also help you with Government funding towards the cost of your insulation. The Great British Insulation Scheme can save you up to £1500 on your insulation, so contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills too.

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