Are you a housing developer building homes for the future and wanting to incorporate renewable energy systems? Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can work with you to maximise energy savings and deliver on your sustainability goals.

Renewable energy systems in new homes

There is a big commitment to building new homes in the UK, and also to meeting reduced carbon emission targets. This means that building new homes needs to include a commitment to renewable energy systems, and we can help you with these demands.

Including renewable energy systems – such as heat pumps, air conditioning, solar PV panels and EV chargers – in your housing schemes will increase the value and quality of your homes, and if you are developing multiple properties on one site, it makes sense to partner with Go Greener Energy Services and benefit from our unrivalled expertise. We can help you with:

  • Energy saving – assessing installed systems to ensure they are delivering the energy saving results your homes need. This adds to the marketability of the properties, increases their value and helps your reputational profile as a sustainable housing developer
  • Grants – we can help you understand what grants and incentives are available and whether you qualify for their criteria
  • Emergency repairs – we can agree a package to be the on-hand emergency repair contact for your housing schemes, providing 24/7 reactivity for emergency repairs on your renewable energy systems
  • Servicing – we can agree preventive maintenance programmes to reduce unforeseen breakdowns, extend the lifespan of your systems and optimise system performance

Why choose Go Greener Energy Services

If you partner with Go Greener Energy Services for your housing development, you can enjoy:

  • 24/7/365 reactivity for emergency repairs
  • Unrivalled knowledge and expertise on delivering energy saving results
  • Trained and accredited emergency repair staff
  • Flexible and cost-effective service and maintenance packages
  • Legal and regulatory knowledge to help with environmental compliance

So demonstrate your commitment to sustainable house-building and maximise the value and quality of your homes for the future, by partnering with Go Greener Energy Services and contacting our team today.

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