Do you have an accessible loft space that hasn’t been insulated or where old insulation needs replacing? Approximately 25% of heat loss in a home is through roof and loft space, so you can make huge energy savings by contacting Go Greener Energy Services and having a loft insulation installation today.

Loft insulation – a common form of heating the home

Warm air rises in your home and can often be lost through loft and roof space if your loft is not adequately insulated. Adding an effective layer of thermal insulation in the loft provides a barrier which keeps the warm air circulating around your home and provides warmth and comfort without using excessive energy.

Whether you use your loft space for storage or not, if it is accessible then we can use our expertise to design an effective loft insulation solution. We specialise in loft insulation and use a range of materials such as blanket insulation, sheet insulation (also known as rigid insulation) and spray foam insulation. We will carry out a survey assessment of your home to establish the most practical and effective insulation solutions, in order to:

  • Keep your home warm
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce your climate impact

Go Greener Energy Services – loft insulation experts

Loft space is a passive area which doesn’t encroach on the main body of the home, or have an impact, unless you don’t insulate it properly. This is why loft insulation is a very effective solution because it has minimal impact on the home in a physical sense and is working away effectively out of sight.

At Go Greener Energy Services we can help you with the design and installation of loft insulation, and we can also help with achieving Government funding towards the cost of home insulation, which could save you up to £1500.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and let our green energy experts find you a long-term loft insulation solution.

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