If you have solid external walls in your home (ie. not cavity walls) then you can consider external wall insulation as a cost-effective insulation solution. External wall insulation can save you money on your energy bills and can also add value to your home as a desirable decorative finish, so contact our experts at Go Greener Energy Services today and we can discuss the right insulation solution for you.

The benefits of external wall insulation

External wall insulation is a method of providing thermal insulation for your exterior walls by adding layers of insulating materials and a protective render to the outside of the walls. We use highly effective materials as the main insulating component, while the synthetic render protects the insulating material, making it a long-term solution, and also adding a stylish decorative effect.

Installing external wall insulation can reduce the heat loss experienced in your property by up to 40%, which could save you as much as £930 in your annual energy bills. If you consider this alongside the protection it provides for your home and the aesthetic appeal it adds, then external wall insulation is one of the most cost-effective insulation solutions around.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for external wall insulation

At Go Greener Energy Services we have specialist experts who can carry out a full survey assessment of your home and recommend the most effective insulation solution. The aim of this is to ensure your home is kept warm, you reduce your energy consumption, you see real benefits with your energy bills and you reduce your carbon impact.

External wall insulation creates a barrier to stop heat escaping and is suitable for any property that has solid walls, whether it is a brand-new construction or an older property. Our design and installation team are highly skilled in finding the most effective solution, and we can also help you with applying for Government funding towards the cost of the installation, through which you can save up to £1500 of the cost.

Professional external wall insulation

Let Go Greener Energy Services design and install the effective insulation of your home and use our specialist skills and knowledge to warm your home and save you money. Contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services and consider external wall insulation today.

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