Do you want to improve the sustainability of your home or workplace, but are struggling with the cost? There are a number of grants and initiatives available to help you improve your green credentials, and Go Greener Energy Services can help check your eligibility, advise on what grants are best for you and how you apply for them. So contact our team today.

Initiatives to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint

Given the critical need to live more sustainably and reduce our climate impacts globally, cost should not be a barrier to people wanting to do the right thing. So a number of grants and initiatives exist which are mainly UK Government-backed, and are all subject to eligibility criteria, but which will help people make real change and deliver on green ambitions and environmental targets. These include:

  • Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – promotes the reduction of carbon emissions and tackles fuel poverty, through gas and electricity suppliers financially assisting eligible households become more energy efficient, such as upgrades, installations and home insulation.
  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) – receive a grant up to £7500 towards the installation cost of a heat pump system (such as an air source or ground source heat pump). Applies to homeowners and small non-domestic properties in England and Wales only, for heat pumps up to 45kW in capacity and runs until April 2028.
  • Great British Insulation Scheme – for people who aren’t eligible for the ECO scheme, and targeting those in the least energy efficient properties and lower council tax bands. Can receive up to £1500 on home efficiency spending, such as home insulation, until April 2026.
  • Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) – targeting low-income households and rented accommodation, who can receive funding to make their homes warmer and more energy-efficient, including insulation and renewable energy sources.
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – provides payments for those who generate their own electricity through solar PV systems. Users can export excess electricity that isn’t used back to the national grid and receive payment.
  • EV chargepoint grant – a 75% contribution towards the cost of an EV charger installation for flat owners and rented accommodation, up to £350.
  • Workplace charging scheme – a 75% contribution towards the purchase and installation of EV chargers for a workplace, up to £350 per charger and to a maximum of 40 chargers per workplace.

Contact Go Greener Energy Services for help with sustainability grants

At Go Greener Energy Services our renewable energy source experts can help you with the process of applying for grants and understanding the eligibility criteria, and we can help you build a sustainable future with renewable energy sources. So contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services today.

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