You could improve the energy efficiency of your home simply by installing loft insulation. 

Our experts at Go Greener Energy Services provide a complete service from assessment to installation so if you live in Lincolnshire why not get in touch with us today. 

Go Greener Energy Services – loft insulation experts

We have an excellent track record in working with clients to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, through a number of green energy solutions including loft insulation. 

As specialists in loft insulation, we use a range of materials such as blanket insulation, sheet insulation (also known as rigid insulation) and spray foam insulation. 

When you choose us to install your loft insulation, we will first carry out a survey assessment of your home to establish the most practical and effective insulation solutions, in order to: 

  • Keep your home warm 
  • Reduce your energy consumption 
  • Reduce your energy bills 
  • Reduce your climate impact 

And we can even help you to claim any government grants that you might be entitled to, up to the value of £1500, towards the cost of your loft insulation installation.  

What is loft insulation and why do I need it?

Installing loft insulation is a quick and easy way of reducing heat loss from your home. This can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home and could reduce your energy bills. 

Insulating your loft involves installing a layer of material either between the joists (the horizontal planks along the floor of your roof space) or between the joists (the sloping plants in the roof of your loft).  

This material helps to stop heat from escaping through your roof and instead keeps the warm air circulating around your home. 

There are different types of insulation material, and the right one can depend on how you use your loft and the needs of your home.  

Around a quarter of a home’s heat can be lost through a roof that is not insulated.  

When the warm air rises in your home it can often be lost through loft and roof space if your loft is not adequately insulated. Adding an effective layer of thermal insulation in the loft provides a barrier which keeps the warm air circulating around your home and provides warmth and comfort without using excessive energy. 

When you install loft insulation between the joists (the horizontal wooden planks that run across the floor of your loft), it keeps the living space below it. However, if you install insulation in the rafters (the sloping wooden planks in the roof of your loft) then you can also keep warmth in the roof space as well. 

All this means that insulating your loft is an easy way to reduce heat loss in your home, which can in turn lower your energy bills and help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

And not only can installing loft insulation improve warmth and energy efficiency as well as potentially reduce your heating bills, but it could also increase your home’s value. 

Loft insulation services in Lincolnshire

The second largest county in England, Lincolnshire is a predominantly rural area, home to the city of Lincoln as well as Grimbsy and Scunthorpe. 

Go Greener Energy Services has extensive experience in installing loft insulation to customers living in both the rural and urban areas of Lincolnshire, and are committed to helping more people reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills through loft insulation and other green energy solutions.  

Contact Go Greener Energy Services today and let our green energy experts find you a long-term loft insulation solution. 

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