Do you have a heat pump system that is not operating efficiently, or not producing the cost savings you expect? Or maybe it is not running at all? A heat pump is designed to provide a low carbon heating solution, but if you are not seeing the benefits compared to a traditional gas central heating system, you may need breakdown repairs, servicing or an assessment of the design of your system from Go Greener Energy Services. So contact our team at Go Greener Energy Services today.

Low carbon heating from a heat pump

Heat pumps work in a similar way to an air conditioning system, using a refrigerant to transfer heat from different sources and adjust a location climate in a controlled way. However, differently to air conditioning, a heat pump can use the refrigerant to both cool and heat a building and a hot water system.

There are generally two types of heat pump and these differ in terms of the source of the warm air they need. So you have:

At Go Greener Energy Services we have vast experience and specialist expertise in working with both these types of heat pump. We can work with you to ensure these are working efficiently to produce the heat and hot water you need, but also the energy savings you expect compared to a gas boiler system or any other form of heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps from Go Greener Energy Services

How Go Greener Energy Services work with you on your heat pump system

Heat pumps are now an established form of sustainable heating, and in many different scenarios are able to provide a low carbon alternative heating and hot water source. However, there are still problems that can occur with their operation, which can lead to you not seeing the energy savings you expect, or not even seeing sufficient hot water and heating.

In a commercial and a domestic setting this can be a significant problem, so contact Go Greener Energy Services and we can work with you to establish the problem with your system. Our services include:

  • New installations
  • Replacement systems
  • Breakdowns and repairs
  • Periodical servicing
  • Assessments to monitor how much energy you are saving and why
  • Grants and incentives to help with funding

So contact Go Greener Energy Services today and we can help you with your low carbon goals.

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