If you are committed to reducing your carbon impact, then you can partner with Go Greener Energy Services and enjoy expert heat pump installations in Cardiff. As premier heat pump installers, Go Greener Energy Services can design, install and maintain your heat pump and help you towards sustainable home or business heating and hot water, so contact our team today.

Heat pump installer services in Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, situated in the southeast of the country. It is the major county city of Glamorgan, and although it borders other major towns and cities such as Newport and Swansea, it also has various rural areas nearby, such as the Gower Peninsula, the Wye Valley Landscape and the Afan Forest Park. At Go Greener Energy Services we have experience of working with customers from many different industry sectors and we are able to use our skills and knowledge to deliver real cost savings and a more sustainable form of heating and hot water.

Air Source Heat Pumps from Go Greener Energy Services

Heat pumps are a low-carbon alternative to the gas boiler

Heat pumps are increasing in popularity as they are proven to be an efficient and practical alternative to using fossil fuels for heating and hot water. Heat pumps produce a longer lasting and more comfortable heat than gas boilers, which heats your home or business more efficiently over the course of a day. Heat pumps run on sustainable electricity and generate heat which can be delivered to radiators, just like a gas boiler. There are two types of heat pump commonly available:

Air source heat pumps – This uses a technology which takes air from the outside – even in cold weather – and with the aid of a refrigerant, transforms this into hot water for use around the home or business.

Ground source heat pumps – Using similar technology to an air source heat pump, ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground using a looped pipe system. This transfers through a heat exchanger to produce heat for heating and hot water.

Heat pumps can run overnight to produce hot water on cheaper electricity tariffs that is stored in tanks for later use, making them even more efficient compared to a gas boiler.

Our heat pump installation services in Cardiff

Contact Go Greener Energy Services to discuss your heat pump installation in Cardiff. We have experts on hand to design a whole life solution which takes into account your individual property, your heat and hot water needs and offers you an after-sales service of breakdown cover, service and maintenance.

Our core services include:

  • Installation – Designing a system that suits the practical needs of your property and helps upgrade your services from more traditional sources
  • Breakdown, service and maintenance – We have local qualified and accredited engineers on 24/7 stand-by to attend to emergency breakdowns and offer service and maintenance programmes, to ensure you always have efficient and reliable heating and hot water systems
  • Property surveys – We can assess your home or business for its thermal qualities and whether better insulation would aid the efficiency of your heat pump.

We can also discuss grants and incentives with you, which could save up to £7500 on the costs of a heat pump installation.

Contact the expert heat pump installers at Go Greener Energy Services, and we can help you switch to a more sustainable future.

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